Join Vic Welsh - Ymuno â Vic Welsh

There is no "buzz" quite like lapping up the applause of an ecstatic audience at the end of a well-executed concert.  Join the best club a man can belong to - a male choir.  Develop your musical skills, exercise your lungs and your brain, expand your social life, and see Victoria and the world.  How?  Join Victoria Welsh Choir!  We make Welshmen out of singers, and singers out of both Welshmen and Aussies! 

Can’t read music?  No worries, our computerised recordings enable you to learn your part by ear and pick up the rest as you go along.  Don’t speak Welsh?  No worries, it’s a very phonetic language, and we provide pronunciation aids and tuition.  If you are male and can sing at all, find out more by ringing:

  • In Melbourne: David Black on 9525 0043 or Stephen Pepper on 5428 1377 or 0415 821 481
  • In Bendigo: Rob Hopman on 5439 5341 or Norm Bateson on 5439 3107
  • In Ballarat: John White on 0402 808  299

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